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April 26: Global Day of Action

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The Thai Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (TNP+)

in solidarity with: AIDS ACCESS Foundation//Thai Foundation for consumers//Thai Rural Doctors society//Thai Chronic Renal Failure Network//Thai Alternative Agriculture Network//Thai Parents Network//Thai Rural Pharmacist Society//Thai NGOs Coalition on AIDS//FTA Watch

and with HIV/AIDS activists around the world call for a

global day of action on Thursday, April 26th, 2007

to demand that Abbott Laboratories stop denying people affordable access to its lifesaving drugs.


On the following day, Friday April 27, activists will protest at the Abbott's Annual General Meeting for shareholders, held in Abbott Park, Illinois. For more information see: www.abbottsgreed.com

BACKGROUND: Abbott has, for several years, refused to make its life-saving AIDS drug available and affordable to people living in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Abbott charges several times the annual income of many for a year’s supply and has dragged its feet on even registering the drug for sale in countries where profit is not high.

Now, Abbott has made a callous decision to withdrawal all of its current medications awaiting registration in addition to refusing to register any new pharmaceutical products in Thailand. This extreme decision is in response to the recent granting of a compulsory license for the Abbott manufactured, lopinavir+ritonavir (Kaletra) by the Thai government.

Thailand’s decision to grant compulsory licenses for lopinavir+ritonavir, clopidogrel bisulfate (Plavix, an anti-clotting agent), and efavirenz (another antiretroviral) is completely legal and in accordance with Thai national law and the WTO TRIPS agreement. It was a brave and necessary step by the Thai government to ensure access to quality care and treatment for all people living with HIV/AIDS. It will allow Thailand to import the ARV, Kaletra from India at a cost of less than 4000 baht (US$113) per person per month in contrast to Abbott’s current price of 8900 bUS$250) per person per month or 11,580 (US$325) per person per month when selling to NGOs. This price is unacceptable and unaffordable to the Thai government and in time will threaten the Thai government’s ability to fulfill its promise of providing ARV treatment to all Thais who need it.

Abbott’s decision also denies Thai people living with HIV/AIDS access to the new heat-stable formula Kaletra, which is of vital importance to a tropical country like as Thailand.

This action by Abbott is unprecedented by a pharmaceutical company and a comprehensive and intensive global campaign is needed to ensure that this never happens again and to register our disgust and condemnation for their precedence of profit over people.

We are asking people to take action around the world on April 26th to demand Abbott immediately reverse its decision, and to express support for the actions of the Thai government.


to hold Abbott accountable and to show support for Thailand: There will be various actions--protests, press conferences and more on April 26. Please contact us at info@abbottsgreed.com so we can share news about your plans, or if you would like ideas about planning effective action. You can also go to: www.fightglobalaids.org/action/abbott.tellus.200704.php to tell us what you're planning to do in your community for the April 26 day of action.

Read More About the Issue

CONTACTS: For more information about what's being organized in different countries, contact:

United Kingdom: Anton Kerr, akerr@abbottsgreed.com and Steve Cockburn, steve@abbottsgreed.com Thailand: Brigitte Tenni, brigitte@abbottsgreed.com France: Khalil Elouardighi, gerrold@abbottsgreed.com United States: Grant Gordon, gmgordon@abbottsgreed.com and Asia Russell, asia@abbottsgreed.com Germany: Albert Petersen, petersen.amh@abbottsgreed.com, (+49)7071 206 531 Brazil: Alessandra Nilo, alessandra.nilo@abbottsgreed.com India: Loon Gangte, loon_gangte@abbottsgreed.com Kenya: Christa Cepuch, christa@abbottsgreed.com China: Odilon Couzin, ocouzin@abbottsgreed.com

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