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[edit] April 26th

In response to the decision of Abbott Laboratories to refuse to sell Kaletra/Aluvia to people in Thailand, activists around the world demonstrated, spoke out, sent letters, and made it clear that the world condemns Abbott’s decision to withhold lifesaving drugs from people simply because Abbott does not want to compete with generic drug makers!

On the Eve of the Abbott Shareholders Meeting here's some of what happened

[edit] Media Releases

[edit] Actions & Events Around the World

In Thailand on the 26th April, the Thai network of people living with HIV/AIDS (TNP+), AIDS ACCESS Foundation and an alliance of supporting organisations and individuals marched to the Thai Ministry of Commerce and through the streets of Bangkok. TNP+ has also initiated a global boycott of Abbott’s products.

In Argentina there was a march in front of the US embassy on April 19th using the opportunity of the AIDS Forum.

In Brazil activists protested in front of the Consulate-US in Recife.

In Canada activists held a demonstration against Abbott’s policies in downtown Toronto sponsored by AIDS ACTION NOW! Toronto and Friends of Treatment Action Campaign North America.

In China AIDS activists faxed in hundreds of petitions in protest.

In France ActUP Paris launched a campaign of protest against investors of Abbott as well as an online effort to target Abbott. Following the invitation of the French activist organization, thousands of people visited simultaneously Abbot's website at the same time, making it unavailable most of the day. Act Up-Paris received in the afternoon a fax from Abbott's lawyers threatening them with a lawsuit for "service denial".

In Germany doctors and 8 major non-governmental organizations across the country kicked off a campaign to sign up their fellow physicians to refuse to meet with marketing representatives of Abbott.

In India there were various actions including In BANGALORE, MUMBAI and several other regions there were demonstrations outside the Abbott offices by people living with AIDS, lawyers, and doctors. In NEW DELHI a large rally congratulated the Thai ambassador on the issuance of the Compulsory license.

In Indonesia a demonstration was held in front of the Abbott office in Jakarta.

In Japan the network of PLHA (Jan+) along with other Japanese civil society sent a letter to the Abbott office in Japan and USA and held a press conference.

In Nepal the National Association of PLHAs in Nepal held a protest with support from its allies in front of the US Embassy in Kathmandu and handed over a letter to Embassy officials.

In South Korea 7 groups of Korean activists gathered together in front of the Abbott office in Seoul, sending funeral flowers to Abbott in an act of grief and rage for people killed by pharmaceutical companies greed.

In Singapore letters were sent to the Abbott office.

In Switzerland the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (EAA) began distributing an “action alert” to all members in Europe and worldwide to ask that Abbott change its policies.

In the United Kingdom as staff arrived at Abbott's UK headquarters in Maidenhead, students and supporters of the Stop AIDS Campaign assembled to tell Abbott that the games it is playing with people’s lives makes them sick. Staff were greeted by the Grim Reaper, giant pills, and students physically sickened by Abbott's behavior.

In the United States students, people living with AIDS, doctors, and other activists held events across the country, with more planned for Friday.

CHICAGO: Massive die-in and demonstration Friday with activists from Chicago and Thailand protesting Abbott’s withdrawal of drugs from Thailand.

NEW YORK: Members of ActUP New York zapped Magic Johnson, a spokesman for Abbott, at an event in Brooklyn. Johnson applauded the activists and promised to talk to the company. WORCESTER, MA: Activists march to the Abbott Laboratories office in an attempt to fill a prescription for Kaletra for Thai people living with AIDS. WASHINGTON, DC: Demonstrations and a “die in” are planned at the Abbott Office (Friday)

Events also happened in Austin, TX, Chapel Hill, NC, and other communities across the US

[edit] Reports Issued