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1. Find a group that's working on this and contact them!

2. Start contacting Abbott... check out the targets page for contact info.

Treatment Access for people living with AIDS around the world depends upon access to affordable drugs--and that depends on activists bringing it home to Abbott!

So, what can you do? Here are some suggestions. Even better, make up your own!


[edit] Some ideas for Action

[edit] Everyone

[edit] Doctors

  • Refuse to prescribe Abbott’s medicines if there’s a generic instead—write to Abbott and tell them what you’re doing.
  • Refuse to meet with Abbott Labs reps when they come; leave them a letter explaining why.
  • Refuse to accept any gifts from Abbott, and give the rep. a letter instead explaining why.

[edit] Activists, Students, Everyone

  • Do a phone- or fax-zap and flood the offices of Abbott.
  • Phone in to local radio talk shows and discuss access to treatment for AIDS globally; organize in your community or on your campus so that the station is flooded with calls throughout the program.
  • Organize a teach-in on Abbott and treatment-related issues in your community, on your campus, at your church, wherever.
  • Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper/magazine, discussing the greed that Abbott is demonstrating in failing to provide affordable.
  • Organize a picket with signs and creative chants in front of an Abbott factory or a government building. Or do a die-in… Make sure to invite the media.
  • Interrupt/disrupt a speaking event of a company executive and demand that they take action on these issues.

[edit] Consumers

[edit] Some talking points

Check out the full list of demands

  • There is no justifiable reason to deny lifesaving drugs to people living with AIDS in Thailand--no trade dispute or profit margin is worth more than people's lives.
  • Resource poor nations in Africa and elsewhere are the first places new Kaletra should be available. Besides greed why would Abbott wait to make it available and affordable?
  • Abbott must expand its Access program price of $500/patient/year to include millions dying without access to treatment in Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Eastern Europe!
  • A real commitment to the poor by Abbott in the Global South would recognize that $2,200/patient/year is far too high a price tag for new Kaletra. The price must be immediately lowered to one that is affordable to people in low- and middle-income countries.
  • Abbott must offer open and voluntary licenses to produce Kaletra and allow for generic production.
  • A pediatric formulation of Kaletra that doesn’t make kids sick and doesn’t have to be refrigerated is needed to save the lives of the 500,000 children currently in need of ARVs.
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