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[edit] Correction to Abbott’s False Assertions

Abbott recently put out a press release maintaining that information contained in our press release, “Coalition of AIDS Activists: Abbott Pediatric Formulation Leaves Thai Kids Out – Delays Expected for Others in Developing Countries” was inaccurate. We stand by the information contained in our press release; below is a list of points that Abbott made, and our corrections to them. Read more:Correction to Abbott's False Assertions

[edit] Coalition of AIDS Activists: Abbott Pediatric Formulation Leaves Thai Kids Out – Delays Expected for Others in Developing Countries

  • State that development in formulation of Kaletra is a step in the right direction, but raise concerns about drug accessibility

Abbott Laboratories announced on Friday that it applied to the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) and to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for approval of a pediatric formulation of its critical AIDS drug Kaletra and Aluvia (which is the heat stable form of Kaletra). While the development of a pediatric formulation is a welcome step, AIDS activists are concerned that this product will not be made available to children in Thailand. Abbott's recent action in April to not register new products in Thailand means that this new formulation of Kaletra will not be registered and made available in Thailand. Activists also question whether the drug will be accessible and affordable to the 2.3 million children under the age of 15 are living with HIV/AIDS worldwide because of delays in seeking registration, as well as the high price of the product:

[edit] Abbott Sues Act Up-Paris

  • Drug company sues PLWAs for the first time

Pharmaceutical company Abbott decided to sue PLWAs group Act Up-Paris in response to the April 26th, 2007 netstrike we organized against the drug manufacturer : the first time a drug company has used legal action against us. Yet this strategy will force Abbott to justify its criminal decisions, which are depriving PLWAs in Thaïland of the company’s new drugs, effectively sentencing them to death.

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[edit] Big Pharma Launches Smear Offensive Against Thailand

A front-group for the Pharmaceutical Industry calling itself USA for Innovation has launched a campaign of falsehoods in the last few weeks against Thailand for deciding to prioritize public health over multinational corporate interests. It's amazing to see how far they'll go with stretching the truth!

Learn more about the group housing USA for Innovation at Sourcewatch.

Read More:

[edit] People in Dozens of Countries Around the World Demand End to Abbott's Greed

In response to the decision of Abbott Laboratories to refuse to sell Kaletra/Aluvia to people in Thailand, activists around the world demonstrated, spoke out, sent letters, and made it clear that the world condemns Abbott’s decision to withhold lifesaving drugs from people simply because Abbott does not want to compete with generic drug makers.

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