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Protests outside drug company

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Written by By Gareth McPherson on 26th April 2007 Protesters were outside a drug company's Maidenhead base this morning.

The student campaigners were protesting against pharmaceutical company, Abbott UK's refusal to share life-saving HIV drugs with Thailand.

iThe People & Planet and Stop Aids Campaign rallied against Abbott UK outside its offices in the Vanwall Trading Estate from about 9.30am. One protestor posed as the grim reaper and others hoisted giant cardboard pills and banners. Katy Athersuch, 23, societies co-ordinator of the Student Stop Aids Campaign, said: "Abbott are playing games with people's lives by refusing to give people in Thailand access to life-saving treatments in the name of corporate profit. They have no respect for the right to life." The twenty-strong group handed out leaflets to employees of the global drug-maker. Abbott say they do not deny access to life saving treatments and that Kaletra is available in 118 countries including Thailand. The company said they had talks on April 19 with the Thai government to discuss how to bring Aluvia, a version of Kaletra that suits the south-east Asian climate, to Thailand at lower prices. A spokesperson said: "If the activists' intent is protecting patients, when today the Thai government can have the lowest price for the highest quality Kaletra tablets, we do not understand their protest."